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September 11, 2011

found pictures from our phones

Foreign pizza can be interesting.  Yes, the one below has cut up pieces of hotdog.  We were at a birthday party this evening, one side of the pizza had fried egg on while the other had sliced of hardboiled egg. WTF?  Tuna pizza is also common, no I will not try that one on purpose.
 We found these next to at a club, we went to hear a tribute band.
 So I wonder what kind of "funky treats" they serve at the smoking area??
Max and Keenan being Rock Stars

 Ugh, grumpy kids in a car.  I wanted to show them what they looked like...  neither one of them were impressed, in fact Van was probably more grumpy because he wanted to play with my phone.
 The oompa loopmas were up in Austria.  They were actually doing a fundraiser for a charity... so we paid them a few euros to take their pictures.

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