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September 11, 2011

Piran, Slovenia

Last weekend we drove down to the Slovenian coast to a town called Piran.  The day was hot, the kids were cranky... the town was pretty as was the coast and water.  We decided to have a seafood meal since we were on the coast, the food was OK the kids were rotten!  Van just wanted to run around everywhere, Keenan was just ornery. Keenan was a bit bummed that we went to the coast just to look around at the city and not to swim.

Here's a bit of what we saw:

In the main square

 wandering through the maze of buildings
 the coastline

 walking up to church which was situated high up on a cliff, you can see and old castle in the distance
 view from the top

 Looking down
 watching the boats and swimmers

 A peek inside the church

 bell tower.  (me and Van are next to it if you look closely)
We didn't stay long.  Thankfully on the drive home both kids fell asleep.  Eric and I went out to dinner with our friends (the boys got a babysitter).  It was nice to have a nice sit down dinner without the constant interruptions of the kids and the best part, we were celebrating my friends birthday and in Slovenia its custom that the birthday person picks up the tab!  Note to self: go somewhere inexpensive on birthday.

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