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October 18, 2011

Kids day at Arboretum..

I must have missed posting on this as it was in AUGUST!  We took the kids up to Arboretum for a fun, sugar filled day all geared towards them.  There were lots of things to bounce on, draw on, paint, ride, kick... even a giant colon to walk through (i know, what??  at a kids day??)  and of course lots of sugar!

Keenan getting his face painted.  Notice anything wrong with the "S" in the second picture??

 and the final (fixed) product!
 Van and Dad playing in front of a giant polyp filled colon...
 makes a nice back drop don't ya think??
 Keenan showing his fighting skills

 Keenan had to  check out the polyps too.
 being an artist.
 and crinkle nose pose

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