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October 18, 2011

Pumpkin party

We attended for the the second year one of the local produce farm's annual pumpkin party.  We arrived much earlier since last time we missed out on most of the food.  They made squash soup and grilled pumpkin, they also had warm spiced wine (yummy).  I tried recreating the soup they made and it turned out OK.

Squash soup in progress.

 Van wanting to help move the pumpkins
 Van reminded us (not so quietly) that it was nap time and he needed one!
 Dad and Keenan starting on their pumpkin
 hard at work
 Van found much delight in the tomato house.
 Final product!

We brought home several pumpkins and squashes... I'm afraid I might have gone overboard it feels like we've been eating a LOT of it lately.  :)

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Laura Olson said...

Fun! We just took a trip to the local pumpkin patch last weekend, too. Love the photos of the fun fall activities. :)