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November 6, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday Marines!

Last night we got to help the Marines celebrate their 236th birthday with their annual Ball.  To me this always feels like prom (only you don't have to sneak the alcohol), maybe because I never have a need to get all fancied up.  This is our 4th Ball and I wanted a new dress, I've always borrowed or recycled a dress.  Since I was getting a dress Eric finally broke down and bought a tux with matching tie and vest.  I must say we looked pretty sharp, all matchy matchy just like prom... :)

Unfortunately I caught some bug the day before and spent most of yesterday in bed, took some meds then rallied for the ball.  The tickets were pricey and I didn't want to miss it!

At the beginning of the night a video is always shown commemorating the Marines, there are interviews with both old and young Marines and clips of their heroism.  Watching the video always makes me feel thankful and proud for these men and women who sign up to serve and protect us Americans.  Marines stand guard at our Embassy,  at US embassies all over the world, day and night watching over it.

 As usual we brought our camera, told ourselves that we were going to take lots of pictures but then came home with about 5... sigh.  I think below is the only picture we got with someone else... grrr... maybe next year we'll take more!!

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Laura Olson said...

You guys look gorgeous!