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January 7, 2012

Denver/Butterfly Pavilion

We spent New Years with our friends in Denver, not sure where my camera was, but there were a lot of kids running around.  Definitely NOT the New Year's we've had in the past but now we all have kids...

It's been nice catching up with our Denver friends and their families. We've done a little shopping and what seems like a lot of eating but it's been fun.  We met up with some friends and took all our boys (4 between our two families) to the Butterfly Pavilion.  It was a hit!

 Keenan didn't quite want to hold the spider but he did touch the spider's leg and was quite proud of that!
 "Ewwww!"  Checking out more spiders.
 For some reason Van was fascinated by the cockroaches...
 Keenan and Davis checking out the Sea Stars
 Even got a butterfly or two to land on him.

 Butterfly laying eggs.
We were even in time for the "releasing of the new butterflies", a first for me!

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