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January 7, 2012

Together again and Christmas Eve

Keenan was so excited to see his Dad again and kept asking when he was coming.  My reply was "right before Christmas".  We wanted to keep it a surprise since the last time we eagerly awaited his arrival the darn Icelandic Volcano happened and kept messing up his flights...  My plan was to not tell Keenan where we were going, just show up at the airport and see Eric.  Unfortunately....  his flight from Denver kept getting delayed to the point that Keenan just had to go to bed and couldn't come along.  Bummer but the good news was Eric DID arrive on the day he was supposed to!

We did some last minute Christmas shopping, tried to get the boys to pose with Santa (Van did NOT cooperate!) then enjoyed a crazy Christmas Eve with my parents, siblings and our 8 kids.

 The day Eric arrived I let my younger cousin, who is in cosmetology school, dye my hair.  It took Eric a while to notice me at the airport as he was looking for a blond lady with a kid.  :)
Yup, we forced the kids to once again line up and take a group photo.  Keenan flashing the "love" sign.

 Writing Santa a note and leaving carrots for the reindeer.

 Yeah, we might have left Santa a beer as well...
Trying out new toys with Grampa.

I foresee finding a lot of nerf bullets all over my house in the future...
Couldn't just get one nerf gun...

I guess I wasn't into getting too many pictures this year as this is all I got on Christmas day... none of Eric nor me... :(  but we did have a nice Christmas!

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