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March 7, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Once again, back in January while we were still in California... we went to Disneyland.  This was Van's first time and Keenan's third.  We got extremely lucky, Eric's nephew works at Disneyland and was able to get us in FREE!  Getting free tickets saved us about $300 for the day (Van was free anyways)... I won't get into how much we spent on food and everything else.

Ever since I became a mom something happened... I can no longer spin or go on anything that even barely spins or goes in any kind of a circle.  It just makes me sick!  Ugh, when did I get so old??

 First ride of the day that made me realize it was going to be a loooong day.  Yes even this little ride that just makes a little circle about did my stomach in.  Ugh!
 Van getting ready for his first ever (out of utero) Disney ride.
 Pretty safe to say that Van did NOT like his cousin Justin in his Captain Hook costume.

 Van liked the play area in Toon town best.  We played here while Keenan and Eric did the tea cups.
 Getting tuckered out.
 Patiently waiting...  actually we were pretty lucky.  Most of the rides only had 10-15 minute wait lines.
 I rolled Van into the shade and people watched while Eric and Keenan went on the Pirates of the Caribbean.
 Star ship troopers... I think
 Uh oh, they're making sure Keenan isn't a threat.
 Family photo opp!
 One last family photo before we head over to the California adventure's side of the park
 First stop: Lightning McQueen and Mater.  This picture makes my heart happy to see both of the boys posing together in a picture.  They even look like they kinda like each other.
 Van showing off his cute lil' tummy!
 Last ride of the day.  Only Eric and Keenan went on this.  Listening to Keenan recount the ride was hilarious.  I have to hand it to him though, he didn't scream at all!
 Successful day at Disneyland and still happy!

I mostly let Eric and Keenan go on the rides, me and Van joining in when we could but it definitely didn't hurt my feelings to be on the sidelines.  Bye Bye Disneyland see you next summer!

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