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March 10, 2012

Picture time

I waited until oh about 2 days before we left Montana to realize I wanted to get some pictures done of the boys and I waited until the day of to get coordinating shirts... sigh.  I found some shirts I liked... Keenan was pissed because he didn't want to wear the green shirt "this shirt is gross"...

Van was super good taking pictures for all of about 5 minutes then he just wanted to scream, cry and have nothing to do with standing up in the picture taking area.  My mom and I tried everything... grrrr.  Then finally I pulled out a tube of chapstick...Bingo!  That did the trick.  He was especially happy when he realized he could dig out the chapstick and wipe it on his shirt, see last picture.

My beautiful little boys.
 Van's getting to be such a big boy!
 I can't belief Keenan will be 5 this summer!
 Little stinker... notice the chapstick in his hand...
Unfortunately I can't get to the rest of my pictures right now, I'll try and post the rest when I can.

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