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March 15, 2012

We have arrived in Tunisia!

While I personally thought that after flying alone with the kids flying with Eric would be a breath of fresh air... he absolutely dreaded the 12 hours of flying with the kids.  All perspective I think :)  I told him he should try it with the boys by himself...

We arrived at Dulles airport early, first Eric dropped our 7 bags to be checked, 2 carseats, 1 stroller, plus our assorted carry-ons  in addition to me and the boys off then returned the car and met back up with us.  We took our time getting through security, ate at a restaurant, let Van run around the airport then we got a little bit of Ben and Jerry's.
Keenan perched on his trunkie and below do you see an airline you want to fly with or maybe one you'd rather avoid??  

 Killing time before our flight.
 Wow, Van's hair looks orange!

We noticed people boarding at our gate so we too decided it was about that time.  Then much to our delight we found out the flight was only half full or maybe half empty, which ever way you want to look at it and AND the plane took off 20 minutes early!!  I didn't even know that option existed!!  The boys ate a little more, watched a few cartoons on the ipod then fell asleep (Van needed a little convincing).  Both kids SLEPT most of the flight! Another concept that I didn't know was possible!  Van was tired and grumpy going through the Frankfurt airport so I had to carry him but no biggie there, I'm used to lugging him around.  We had a little drink and a snack then before we knew it it was time to board the next flight.  Van slept the whole way!  Keenan played on his leapster and I read, unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep.

Flying into Tunis we realized the lush greenness of Slovenia is no more.  Hello desert or as Keenan says  "it's kinda deserty here"  I must admit I felt a little apprehension as we drove through Tunis to our hotel (ugh, yes we  have to stay in a hotel for a week or two before our permanent housing is ready) everything looks soooo different.  The buildings all seem a muted shade of dinge, lots of sand, not a whole lot of green, and a lot of run downness (it's that even proper english?).  I kinda remember this fleeting bit of panic when we arrived in Ukraine a few years ago... :)  But that's just first impressions from the airport to the hotel on almost zero sleep.

Our Hotel is nice, we're staying in the apartment portion of it and it feels/looks more like Greece.  White villas, lots of odd stairs here and there and we can see the Mediterranean from our balcony, oh make that balconies.  I was excited to see that we at least have a little kitchen but we are lacking in utensils, in fact we have 2 knifes and maybe a fork... oh well room service it is!  The first night we ordered a pizza, I need to make note of what the name of that particular pizza as it has a half raw egg all over it...no thanks.  I scraped the egg off for me and scraped off most of the toppings for the boys.  Eric thought the sausage looked like cat turds.  It didn't taste bad though...
 This isn't the best picture but the Med is there...

The boys actually did pretty good the first night.  They both crashed at 7pm then were awake from about midnight to 3 then slept until 9:30.  We ordered room service (Eric had to go to work) then we wondered around the hotel grounds.  Found a couple of pools, fitness area, lots of restaurants, bowling, and a small, make that extra small shop that had a few food items in it.  I had ten Tunisian dinars on me.  I must admit the Tunisian way of writing prices through me for a loop.  My bill ended up being 9900.  What??  She took my 10 dinar bill and gave me a coin that had "100" on it.  So I'm guessing that the dinar is broken up into a 1000 for coins?
 Hotel grounds
 This building? house? is located on the edge of the hotel grounds, not sure what it is exactly I just thought it looked neat.  Looks like a new building was made using old ruins.
 We are not in Kansas!  This is Coca-cola light!  I think Arabic writing all looks the same: squiggles and dots...

An orange cat has decided we'd be good people to bug, as it meows extremely loudly at our door.  The boys love this and want to go out to pet and feed her everytime...I'm having a bad feeling we'll be leaving this country with a cat.  Van is particularly enthusiastic, he likes to pull her tail and hug her oh so tight!

Hopefully I'll be able to explore more and post pictures of the city soon.  Today me and the boys are in search of an indoor pool.  Yesterday was nice but not quite warm enough for the outdoor pools!  I'm excited about checking out the grocery stores and open markets, maybe this weekend?

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Heather said...

Glad to hear you made it safely! What an adventure you have ahead. I can't wait to see what you discover next :)