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March 16, 2012

Tunis update

Today one of our sponsors took me and the boys to one of the local grocery stores called "Carrafour", it's French.  I'm happy to report that it seemed pretty normal, not quite the selection I have gotten used to in Slovenia but it looks like I'll be able to find mostly what I want/need.  The tuna aisle was impressive in a slightly horrifying way.  Lots and lots of tuna... some can's of tuna looked to be about a half gallon big.  What the heck do you do with that much tuna??  I'm told that in restaurants here tuna is served with EVERYTHING!  The only milk available is the shelf boxed milk but we're used to that.  I saw a lot of the same brands that i'm used to which is nice. I am shocked that the coffee/tea aisle was super little with not much of a selection... I love tea and coffee!  In the meat aisle you not only can buy horse meat but also camel meat.  No, i did not buy either of those things today.

I'm also happy to report that after having adequate sleep Tunis looks a lot better than my first impressions :)  There are lots of palm trees everywhere and its not quite as dingy as I thought.  There are parts that are more run down than others while other places are new and kept up.  Everything is written in both Arabic and French which is helpful since I can understand some French and zero Arabic After grocery shopping the boys and I went to the Embassy to have a look around and eat lunch with Eric.  The Embassy is quite pretty inside and HUGE... well I guess compared to where we've been before.

I've lost the little feeling of panic that I first had.  Hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) we'll get into our permanent housing on Tuesday!  Yay for that but that also means no more room service :(

The orange cat (from previous post) continues to hang out near our room, Keenan has named her "Sparkles".  I hope he's not disappointed  when we leave her here...

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Mom said...

Loved your pictures. I can't wait to hear of all your adventures discovering Tunisa