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March 29, 2012


We're loving being in our own space again although we don't have our stuff yet so the house echos and feels so empty.  I really dislike the first few months of being in a new place mostly for that fact and I have to go to the store often to fill the kitchen plus I have very limited utensils and whatnot for the cooking.  Eric flew back to Slovenia last weekend to get our dog and car then drove down to Naples and took the ferry back to Tunis.  The boys were super excited to see her!  I'm happy to have the car but now that means I need to start driving... I might be a bit nervous about that.  The people here seem to forget that there are rules regarding driving and the roads.

I formally interviewed for the nurse position of the Embassy yesterday and I think I might have just gotten it, I was also the only applicant :)  I'm excited to start work after a 2 year hiatus.  It will only be part time but I think that will be perfect, plus working means I need to shop for new clothes right??

We turned in Keenan's application for Kindergarten in the fall, how is this possible?  How is my little baby old enough for school already?  I hope he is socially ready as he will be one of the younger kids in the class since he only turns 5 in July.  He's excited that the playground at the school is large and that they will speak English.  We have the option of him taking  French, Arabic or German lessons in school.  French it is, since that is what I will be learning and that is what our new nanny speaks.

After much searching and asking around the Embassy and three interviews later I have hired a nanny.  Unfortunately she doesn't speak English, thank goodness for google translate as it has been helping a ton during our first day together.  I won't start work for about 2 weeks but I wanted to make sure the kids felt comfortable with her and more important that I felt comfortable leaving the kids with her.  So far I really like her and she seems like she genuinely enjoys playing with the kids. I now have a big motivator with my French lessons, I need to be able to talk to the nanny!

The boys and I have mostly been taking it easy and hanging out at the Embassy playground.  It's almost warm enough to use the outdoor kid pool.  Soon... the are excited!

Our neighborhood has a cat infestation and they seem to like to congregate in our back yard... maybe this is their fight club stomping grounds.  The boys are bummed that these cats aren't friendly, they just run away... that might be a good thing then they might not want one of their very own?

Not sure why I found this amusing... but I'm always amazed when things are similar to the US.  From the same name brands in the grocery stores to a red octagon stop sign that says "stop" in English well and Arabic

Found this dead grasshopper in our yard.  It looked HUGE, this picture doesn't do it justice.  This is Keenan's hand next to it, The thing was at least 4 inches long.  Gross, I hope we don't have crazy humongous grasshopper infestations. 


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