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April 18, 2012

Can you feel the love??

So last Friday I came home from work and Van had a big scratch on his face, apparently Keenan threw a book at him across the table

Don't mind the chocolate face, he just finished enjoying a chocolate crepe.
 Well today Van got back at him in the the form of a hot wheels car to the face while Keenan was resting on the couch.
Can you feel the brotherly love??  Kind of reminds me of a time when my sister Christy had me by the pony-tail and I was clawing her face.  The harder she pulled the deeper I dug my nails in, boy, was Dad mad when he found us.  The funny part was that it was over something really stupid like she wouldn't get off the cooler or something.  I must have been really thirsty or maybe a little peeved since she was of course being super mean and I attacked her...   At any rate if the boys are already leaving marks like this and drawing blood what's it going to be like when they get a little bigger??  ACK!

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