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April 22, 2012

Touring and climbing on ancient roman ruins

Last weekend my boss took us sight seeing.  We were supposed to go see the aquarium but we got sidetracked along the way.  Tunisia is rich in culture and has no shortage of old roman ruins.  So we stopped at the aquaduct and La Malga Cisterns.  According to this website the aquaduct was built in the late first century early 2nd century AD.  This aquaduct spans 82 miles from Zaghouan to Carthage. This is just a few minutes drive away from us.  I wish I would have had our good camera with us that day as the sky was amazing looking.   
 Was Keenan impressed?  Heck ya!  Him and Adam (my boss's son) immediately climbed up into whats left of the water shaft.  Is there a better way to enjoy touring a structure that was built centuries ago then to climb up on it?

 These are the holding tank.  They were used up into the 17th century.  After that I guess people made them into make shift homes up until about 40 years ago.
 Gigantic mound of cactus. Below:  Looking into a holding tank.

 Was Van excited about touring old ancient Roman ruins??  Yawn... nope, he slept the entire time!

 Keenan really wanted to pet a lamb or a goat but they wouldn't let him get close.
 Next up:  To the coast, we almost made it to the aquarium... Gosh, I have to live with this in my backyard for the next 3 years?  Tough!  Looking out over the water to the "mountains" is part of a long peninsula.
 Keenan immediately went to work throwing rocks into the water.
 Piles of clay pots used by the fishermen to catch octupi.  They take up residence inside the pots.  I'm not sure if that's what both sets of pots are used for or just the lower picture with the pots that have the larger opening.

 Van slept through this stop too, he woke up right as we were leaving.  We were now hungry so we went to "fish restaurant street"  and had lunch.  We were served a "brik"  its a thin dough folded over a raw egg and of course some tuna then deep fried for a second or two.  Not too long because the egg is still raw... eeeeeeww!  Grant (my boss) asked them to make ours well done, not too bad.  We also had a nice fish lunch.  I ate quickly because Van wanted to explore the street.  We found a little tiny kitten that was HUNGRY.  We obliged and fed the kitty lots of our scraps.  Van was so enthralled by this kitty and wanted to keep squeezing and hugging the poor thing until I think his eyes were about to pop out.  We almost, ALMOST took the kitty home but in the end decided that Van would probably love it a little too much, maybe to death.  There are millions of street kitties here, I'm guessing when we leave here in three years we'll have one to take with us.

Next we walked along the water and stopped for  chocolate crepes and mint tea( I already posted that picture of Van to showcase his scratched face)  Below is a picture of the pipe part for smoking houkas, sisha... I don't remember what they call them here.
 One more picture of the water... it's normally a lot clearer but as you can see its cloudy and it's been raining off and on here.
  A before (chocolate crepe) picture of Van.

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