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May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day started off with breakfast in bed.  Keenan took this job seriously and insisted he do everything.  He brought me a nice big (plastic) bowl of cold cereal!  So sweet!  Then proceeded to tell me all about the chocolate shop that he and his dad went to the day before and how he got to sample a few.  Keenan then disappeared and came back with my present.  Surprise, it was chocolate from a popular place here but yum!

Next we went to the beach.  The first beach we went to was really really windy, the boys mostly didn't mind.   They went to work immediately throwing shells into the water and digging in the sand.  Keenan picked up lots of shells for me since it was mother's day and all.

First attempt at trying to get a picture with the boys
Van loves bugs, here he's playing hide and seek with it.  He buried a big beetle in the sand...
Beach number 2: a little cleaner and not as windy.
Our view looking left
Our view behind us.
View looking right
I was trying to get a picture of Van but he kept running at me.
Picture of me and the boys#2
Eric and the boys plus Sierra's head.
The boys had a great time!  The water was shallow for quite a ways which was nice for them and us.  I didn't have to worry quite as much.  We came home with a bucket full of seashells and tons of sand.  Van must have been pretty worn out because he took a loooong nap.

I am blessed to be a mommy to these two beautiful boys.  Happy Mother's Day!!

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Laura Olson said...

Awww. Happy mother's day to you! What a wonderful trip to the beach. We are quite jealous--it rained/snowed here all weekend.