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May 19, 2012

What to do with big boxes??

A few weeks ago we got our small shipment of stuff that is typically supposed to arrive a few weeks after you arrive to get you through until your large shipment comes.  Here in Tunisia they are slow!!!  They like to let your stuff sit in customs for a few weeks while they slowly fill out paperwork or something.  Anyhow when we received our small shipment we of course had little boxes all over the place plus three very large boxes.  Hmmmm... what to do with extremely large boxes...
Eric went right to work making these.  We conveniently have a large storage room in our basement that can't really be used as a spare bedroom... I mean I guess it could in a pinch but it's really a big storage room with vents that go into the garage, kinda weird.  For us, it really only makes sense to turn it into a large playroom.

We're hoping to get our large shipment of stuff soon but for some reason it's been sitting at the port in Malta for a month now.  I'll spare you all the details as I'm a bit pissy about the whole thing.  I just want my stuff in my house so that our house can finally feel like our home.  That and I want all my kitchen stuff...oh and the rest of my shoes...ect ect.  I haven't seen our stuff since early December when I left Slovenia with the boys... it's been a half of a year!!  Do you feel my frustrations and my anxiety on wanting  NEEDING my stuff??

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