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May 3, 2012

Life with two boys...

I know I've already posted some of these on facebook but I wanted to make sure they made the blog too since I keep a copy of this.

  • Keenan one morning at breakfast points to his flexed arm and says to me "Look mom, I'm kind of ripped!"
  • I asked Keenan one night if he is repeating what our nanny says (who only speaks French) so that he can learn to speak French too.  His reply, "No mom, I repeat what I say 10 ten times because I'm going to teach her to speak English instead."
  • I showed Van the potty chair, he immediately slammed the lid down and yelled "NO!".  In fact everytime he sees the lid up on the potty chair he does that, he also REFUSES to sit on it naked.  He has sat on it once or twice fully clothed.  We're not pushing the issue, I just want him to get used to seeing the darn thing and perhaps sitting on it...I don't want to buy diapers forever...
  • When talking to Keenan about school he wistfully says "I just wish I could meet my new girlfriends already..."
  • Van definitely has the word "MINE" down.  In fact that is the main thing we here right now.  Last night about an hour after I put Van down I could here "MINE, MINE..."  plus some gibberish then "Mine, MINE"  coming from his room.  

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