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May 13, 2012

Wine tour sans kids!

Last weekend Eric and I drove out of Tunis about 40 minutes for a wine tour with a few of our fellow Americans.  We left the kids home with the nanny :)  The drive was not at all what we expected and we were in a very green valley.

Baby vineyards below.
 Old building covered in flowers

 Labeling the wine bottles by hand.

 Diligently listening to the tour.
 Another view from the vineyard.
 And the best part, why we came to the wine tour... to test wine of course!!

 We took it very seriously.  In fact we had had several glasses...  Thankfully they had some snacks on the table.  I may or may not have been affected very quickly by the very large glasses they were pouring and might have had to snack heavily to avoid intoxication...
Now the hard part, decided which bottles to buy.  We ended up with a few since you had to buy in a case of 6.

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