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June 20, 2012


We took a long weekend and went all the way to Hammamet!  Ok so Hammamet is only 45 minutes away but with 2 kids in the car 45 minutes can feel like a whole lot more... It just happen to work out that it was also Father's Day weekend, so I booked Eric for a round of 9 holes. 

The hotel was great, completely geared towards kids.  There were water slides, numerous kid activities, kids clubs for all ages of kids, a nightly kid show, shallow pools galore, small kid tables, a kids buffet, a playground and steps leading up to most of the snack/drink bars for little legs.  Unfortunately we didn't even utilize the kids clubs because the kids wanted to stay with us and it was nice to be able to spend fun quality time with them too!   There might have been a lot of adult activities as well but when your traveling with kids, it's all about them.  They were highly entertained, happy and totally exhausted by bedtime.

 The hotel is run by a British company so the hotel was overrun with Brits.  Eric and I were giggling about how funny the British kids sound with their little accents, "mum..."  While Keenan and Van were playing with a little girl we were talking to her parents and they mentioned how funny it was to hear our "American" accents on little kids....  Our accent?  ;)

It was actually kind of comforting to hear so much English around us...


View from our room:
 Also from our room, a nice view of the playground
 Van and I watching the nightly live entertainment, all geared towards kids.
 Eric enjoying(?) the show which consisted of puppets and dancing entertainers.  Keenan is right up next to the stage with the rest of the kids.
Van telling me he does NOT want to wear the sunglasses.
 Van showing off his swim diaper beach bod

 My three boys all going down the slide together

More slides

Did I mention the hotel was very kid oriented?  Here's the steps to the bar so the kids can order their own drink.  Hey Bartender!
We stayed down at the beach for a whole 15 minutes the entire weekend, Keenan was much more interested in the waterslides...

LOVE LOVE Van's face in these next two pictures.  Eric would swim under water and pop up with Van on his shoulders.  He LOVED it... that's all he wanted to do and got pretty cranky if dad wouldn't oblige.

Eric and Keenan after the waterslides... OK this is actually a picture of the incredibly skimpy  no winter wear Islamic bathing suits behind them.  One bonus to those suits are you wouldn't need to worry about shaving your legs...
Van was dancing to the music and these were his moves...

Sitting at the pool bar.

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Love the pictures. The kids look so dang cute