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June 17, 2012


After searching for what feels like months, I finally found a martial arts class for Keenan.  He's wanted to learn ever since he saw the latest "Karate kid" movie.  Last week was his first time, Eric took him just so he could "observe" and see if he really wanted to do it but instead of just watching they let him join in.  He LOVED it!   Before he went he had a few reservations and was concerned about getting hurt and coming home bloody...   Yesterday (Ok so I wrote this a week and a half ago) he didn't want to leave class, he was having so much fun.  Hopefully next time I will get a few pictures. Keenan is the smallest kid in class, I'm hoping this doesn't discourage him.

There was one little boy who was a little older than Keenan but made Keenan look GREAT.  This other little boy was constantly off in his own world, rarely paying attention.  Stay tuned for pictures.

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