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June 24, 2012

Meet Thor

Last Sunday we came home from Hammamet to a rather loud "mewing" sound coming from our yard.  I went to investigate and found a tiny but very cute kitten.  UGH, cats are easy to scare out of the yard but a tiny kitten...  He looked relatively clean but I immediately gave him a bath and found lots of fleas (ugh still makes me itchy just thinking about it).  We gave him some food which he scarfed down.  We had a few concerns about our house guest as his tummy was HUGE which was causing him to walk funny.  The boys on the other hand: EXCITED!  Keenan has been wanting a cat for a long time. 

Van loves the kitty SOOO much, we have to watch him like a hawk around the kitty.  He likes to see what will happen if he squeezes, kicks, tosses it by the tail...

Monday I took the kitty to the vet.  She thankfully spoke good English, gave him a shot, sprayed his fleas and gave him de-worming medicine (the cause of his huge tummy).  She thought that he was about 70% Siamese.  We haven't seen a mamma kitty around our house but we have seen a tom cat that looks exactly like him.  Only 40 dinars later (about $25) and we were on our way.  While the vet was cheap, all the kitty supplies were not.  The kitty litter box cost more than the vet visit...  

Almost every part of me wanted to find the kitty a new home but then I reminisced on my own childhood.  My mom let us bring every kind of animal home.  We had rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, parakeets... the occasional salamander and of course bottle calves.  I loved all the animals and I'm guessing my mom did most of the work even after we probably "promised" to help.  I think having pets are good for kids they are just a pain to move around with.  Obviously I gave in.

Keenan wanted to name him "Sparkles" because that was the only kitty name he knew (from our first hotel when we arrived in country).  We strongly encouraged him to be creative and find another kitty name...  Eric and I made up a long list: Joe, Jack, McQueen, Mater, Finn McKitty, Coco...  everything we came up with Keenan's reply was "that's too Coco-y, that's too Joe'ish...."  That is until Eric suggested a superhero name, Thor to be exact.  Keenan's eyes lit up and Thor it is!

Meet our kitty "Thor"  He enjoys eating food and attacking our feet.  He took to litter box training like a champ, now if we can just get him to stop stepping in his poo poo...

Sierra doesn't look quite as thrilled with the new family member.

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