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July 8, 2012

5 years old!

5 years ago (yesterday) we welcomed Keenan Michael Lundgren into the world and our lives are forever changed.  He is funny, precocious, sweet at times, of course a little onry...he never ceases to amaze me.  Thankfully so far he is also very adaptable which is good since in his 5 years he's lived in four different countries and 3 different continents.  The norm to him is constantly getting on airplanes and traveling to new places and seeing new things.  He will asks when on a plane "and what language will they speak when our plane lands?"    He finds traveling to America pretty cool since he is an American kid.  Sounds kind of strange I know but that's the life we are leading at the moment.

Seems like all the kids here that are around Keenan's age have left for the summer so we decided not to throw him a big party.  Instead we let him choose how we would spend his birthday.  His requests were

1.  Bacon for breakfast and oh, in bed!

2. Go swimming.  We didn't take any pictures while at the pool but here he is all ready for the pool on his new bike.  Yes, he likes to wear the European short shorts :)
3.  Eat burgers.  I will have to add that picture later as it's on my cell phone.  

4.  Birthday cake with Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern; preferably each superhero on their own layer.  This is as good as I got (with the help of my neighbor).  Keenan was excited about all the superhero's until he realized the top layer was ONLY a cupcake...but he eventually decided it was still a super cool cake.

Can't believe he's 5!

Today we went back to the pool as the forecast was a high of 108 with a low of 80 :(  We spent all day in the water.  One of kiddie pools is perfect for Keenan, the water hits him about at his neck.  He's able to practice his swimming and can play around with a little more freedom than in the big pools.  I'm pretty amazed, in two days he learned how to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a shiny dinar coin (the big game of the weekend, "find the dinar").  He was even able to do this in the big pool.  Yup, I'm a little bit proud of him ;)

Van loved jumping in the pool, having me pull him and then jump back in...  apparently Dad is way cooler in the pool because Van only wants to hang on to him and be on his shoulders. 

After wards we tried to take them out for pizza but couldn't find an open pizza place so we settled for sandwiches and gelato.  It's almost 8pm here as I write this and Van just crashed in bed a few minutes ago.  Keenan and Eric are outside riding bikes. 

This has been a pretty perfect weekend.  I might not have gotten the laundry done or did anything else on my "to-do list"  but we sure had a lot of fun with the boys.  While at the pool I was talking to a lady from Japan and she told me that I was so lucky and that she wanted a little family like mine.  I do feel blessed.  I love my boys, all three of 'em!    


Laura Olson said...

Happy happy birthday, Keenan! You are a little boy after my own heart (bacon in bed...).

Blessed Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Keenan!!!! WOW, what a life he leads! I can't believe he's spent more of his life out of the US than in the US! Miss you guys!