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July 24, 2012

4th of July

Ok, so I know I'm a little out of order here but here's 4th of July pictures.  The "official" party or as Keenan called it "the old person party was the night before.  At the "official" party we had to dress up, it's definitely more business than play.  Eric and I had fun just the same sipping on "old person" drinks and chatting with friends.  As usual, I took NO pictures of us looking nice :(

On the 4th was the family party.  All Americans that happen to be in Tunisia were invited so sadly we didn't know who most of the people were.  The boys still had a great time in the pool and playing with the other kids.  Well, they WERE having a great time in the pool until another little boy puked in it...

 It's hard to get Van to sit still and actually LOOK at the camera.  To bad there's shadows over his face.  I think he looks like his Montana cousin Chase here. 
 Yes, Keenan is rockin' a little European swimsuit here, he's just not a fan of the long one's.  Does this mean we've spent too much time abroad?? 

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