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July 27, 2012


This last weekend we drove along the coast to a little town called Korbous.  We might have picked a bad time to go because it's Ramadan most things are closed down.  There are tea houses everywhere in this country and it seems like at all hours of the day they are filled with men just sitting there.  It's Ramadan so no drinking, eating or smoking during the daytime hours for a whole month for the Muslims.  It's kind of eerie driving around it's like a ghost town with everything so deserted.

Anyhow back to Korbous.  We saw this mermaid statue on our drive, she's in the middle of a round-about.

 Below is the first road we tried to drive on.  We were a bit skeptical but the view was amazing.  The road quickly turned into a dirt one then just disappeared into a washout.  Bummer, we had to turn around
 It was a much cooler day with a bit of cloud cover, which we welcomed!

 Below, looking at the town of Korbous.
 Not exactly sure but we thought the old part looked like a water system of some sorts as you can see part of it goes down the hill.
 Keenan happily climbing on the rocks, me nearby freaking out that he's going to trip and tumble down... 

 This family picture cracks me up!  Eric put the camera on a self timer and forgot that it takes a burst of 5 pictures.  Van is just being, well Van, he always sports the crinkle nose when he's up to no good!

 We climbed up on the lookout for a nice view.  First we had to go down crumbing steep steps...
 The boats are immediately down and to the left of the above picture.
 These hot spring pools is what puts Korbous on the map.  The water was way to hot for us, we sat at the edge and dangled our feet just above the water for a few minutes.
 Tunisian style donut that we will have to try next time.  The boys didn't want to eat their lunch so we didn't get any :(
 Another view of the spring
 These umbrellas and tents were to the immediate right of the above picture. 
 This man is always at the springs, so we were told, he sweeps and fills up bottles of the sulfury hot water for people.  We tipped him a dinar, after that he was our best friend and kept trying to talk to us and rub Van's hair. 
 We parked by this restaurant, we thought it was closed but a man walked out and said we could eat there.  We figured "why not?" and had a delicious fried fish. 
We stopped at another road side vendor on the way home and picked up a few green melons that were so sweet they tasted like candy. 

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