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July 29, 2012

Sidi Bou Said

The town of Sidi Bou Said is just a few minutes down the road from us along the coast.  Sidi Bou is a tourist attraction known for its extensive use of the white and blue colors.  Like most touristy areas there are tons of vendors selling a variety of the same stuff; pottery, painted ceramics, jewelry, pictures... 

Below; painted bowls and plates

 One of my favorite things about Tunisia are the doors.
 Did I mention I was on a tour?  Eric and the boys stayed home while I got out by myself (well with a  group of people)  We toured an old house which a wealthy family once lived, it was beautifully decorated.  Below is a painted tile with the Fatma hand ?  or is it Fatima?  I don't remember but I think it's supposed to be one of those good omen things for good luck, or something. 
 A bedroom.
 Fancy chair inlaid with mother of pearl.

 Giant bird cage.  This cages are also unique to Tunisia.
 I love the paintings on the tile
 Blue doors

 Sidi Bou is on a hillside/cliff area, here is looking down from a restaurant to the Med

 Park walkway, just beyond in the Med

The tour was mostly to familiarize us with what's where in our area, unfortunately we didn't spend any time shopping among all the vendors :(  wasn't enough time.  I do know I want to go back for some necklaces and painted bowls.  I also heard there was a fantastic donut shop but, sadly it was closed due to Ramadan.  Speaking of Ramadan I was very glad yesterday that I wasn't among the fasting as it was 102 degrees out and that icy cold water tasted fantastic!  Since we spent so much time in Sidi Bou Said we skipped the next parts of the tour and headed to the American Cemetery. 

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