Our Travels

August 23, 2012


This last weekend was a three day and since Eric was still gone I wanted to keep the boys as busy as possible to keep us out of the house.  Luckily we had a birthday party on Saturday which the boys had a blast then we were invited to go to Aqualand in Hammamet the following day with 2 other families.  I was a bit hesitant at first since I'm running a zone defense on the boys so I asked a friend here whom the boys love and she said YES!  I'm very thankful she came with us since Keenan wants to go on all the big slides and Van prefers the calm waters at the edge of the pool. 
We ate lunch a bit late and by the time we got to the ice cream cone Van was too exhausted to sit up!

 A few minutes later...
A small glimpse of the park.  It wasn't too big but it was good enough!  All in all we had a fun day.  The only thing they weren't impressed with was the hour long drive there and back.


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