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August 23, 2012

New hair cut and a mustache...

Let's clarify this one immediately.  I got the new haircut, VAN has the mustache!
My husband finds it annoying when the kids have food all over their faces while I usually grab the camera.  So, since Eric was gone I sent him the picture below of Van just so he knew what he was missing out on :)  Van was drinking strawberry juice
 A little embarrassing but I hadn't done anything to my hair since December or January... so I finally bit the bullet and went to a local place here.  For the record, I HATE getting my hair done.  I am not a patient person and the thought have having to sit in those uncomfortable chairs for hours ... ugh.  Plus, I usually tell the hairdresser "please just trim a little bit, I'm trying to grow it out"  they hear "please hack it all off!" 

As usual my hairdresser didn't speak English but the receptionist did so she explained what I wanted.  It was going all well until I felt that first giant snip of hair...  She fixed my hair pretty cute (once I tamed it down, it was HUGE).  Then the next day I washed it and tried to fix it, I then realized that she hacked my hair... As in she just hacked at it, there are chucks missing, huge chucks of layers on the sides that gives me a slightly grown out mullet look...  I know you can't see it in the picture below but trust me, it's a bad cut.  I tried recreating the below style and failed... :(  apparently I only have mastered the ponytail, sigh.   My co-workers told me to go back to have the layers blended, I'm scared.  I'm scared I'll end up with a short bob.  Can I just cry yet??

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