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August 30, 2012

Trusting your nanny

Finding someone else to watch your kids is scary.  Finding someone in a foreign country is extra scary especially when you both don't exactly speak the same language.  There will always be different parenting techniques, different ways to discipline not to mention the differing cultures...  The nannies (and mothers) in Kyiv all kept the kids so bundled up in layers, sweaters, coats, hats...  even when it was warm outside.

I'm trying to learn French, mostly so I can speak to my nanny.  We often use google translate, the ladies in my office at work often call my nanny to translate for me and I've even had my language teacher over so I could do a sit-down with my nanny.  I have to trust her that she will take care of my children while I'm gone.
Yes, all of this is leading into a story.  One that actually happened a month or so ago but, I just forgot to blog it until now.

Keenan calls me at work one day and tells me that the nanny locked him in his room for a loooong time and just now let him out.  I admit, I was a little speechless.  Didn't really know how to comment on that.  So, I asked him why.  Of course in a little angelic voice my beautiful child says he didn't do anything, he has no idea why she did that.  It's possible that I panicked a little bit "what the heck is going on in my home while I'm at work?"  I told Keenan I would call him right back.  I needed a translator and I needed one quickly!

Unfortunately my Tunisian co-workers were both gone so I walked down to one of the other offices to ask for help.  Quickly told the lady what was going on and could she PLEASE ask my nanny what was going on.

Turns out my angelic child who had no idea why he got locked in his room in fact had locked the nanny and Van outside!  You see,  we have sliding glass doors going in to our back yard but if you close them you can't open them from the outside.  He found it hilarious that they couldn't open the door.  After much pleading on the nanny's part he finally opened the door.

His punishment?  You guessed it, he got the same treatment only he was locked in his room for 10 minutes.

Ugh, nevermind!  I told my translator to tell her "Good job, and sorry!"

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