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August 28, 2012

First Day of School!

Keenan has been completely ready to start school now for a while.  He's been talking about his old school and how his new one needed to start so he can find his new girlfriends and all...  There was lots of excitement whenever a box of new school clothes or a backpack would show up in the mail.  The day FINALLY came yesterday!  I had thought that I was ready.  To be truthful I had a few last minute panic attacks and wondered maybe if I shouldn't keep him home another year.  I had a hard time sleeping worrying how he was going to get on the bus that first afternoon and whatnot...

Monday morning Keenan was up and ready to go 30 minutes early.  Eric and I drove him in and took him to his classroom.  Keenan was all smiles putting his backpack away.   The teacher told us we could take him outside to the playground where he could well, play and wait for the bell to ring.  Eric and I both looked at each other "what and just leave him?"  Yup, that was the plan she said.  We made sure he remembered how to get back to his classroom and left him playing happily on the swing set.  I felt a little empty and apprehensive just leaving my child...  I did good, no tears.  Close, but I held it in.

I wondered about him all day.  My concern was mostly about him getting on the correct bus.  His teachers assured me they would help him but still... that's my baby!

He wanted to make sure that I got a picture of his lunchbox and backpack.

 Hammin' it up for the camera
 Photo bomber!
 Van HAD to get in these pictures too
 Keenan wanted to show the camera what was in his lunch box, PB&J in case you were wondering.
 Van is standing right behind Keenan.

 The school has no parking... everyone parks their cars along the roads and walks in.
 Yes, I made him pose inside the school grounds.  :)

 How we left him.
 Just got off the school bus.  All smiles.  

He said he loved it and the playground was the best part.  He even remembered to give me papers from the teacher and told me several times that he had to return them to his teachers once I wrote in them!

Keenan told me that EVERYONE else had school lunch, it was really orange spaghetti.  He was the ONLY one that brought lunch so could he puh-lease eat school lunch.  Not sure if I'm grateful that he doesn't want me to have to remember to make his lunch or a little perturbed that lunch tickets are 90 dinar for 22 punches (about 55'ish dollars).  I'm glad another parent warned me that I have to send a snack with him.  We sent an apple, he seemed happy with that and requested another "healthy apple" this morning for his snack.

 Last night at dinner Keenan told us how he now liked two girls...  

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