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September 30, 2012

2 weeks ago...

Oh my goodness, how our lives have changed in the past two weeks...  I'm getting all emotional and teary eyed just thinking about it :(  

Keenan drew this picture (before the protesters came) on the erase board and insisted on keeping the picture, so I took a picture of it.  It's a picture of him and I in front of the embassy, complete with the flag.

 While Keenan's school and our Embassy was being bombarded we were in Hammamet, by the beach.  I was trying to keep it together for the boys, so we went about our business.  Below we were at the kid show and Keenan was called on stage.
 Van, poolside.
 Keenan patiently waiting his turn in the giant ball
 I love LOVE this hotel because it is soooo geared around kids.  This lady brought out fingerpaints and paper and let the kids have at it.
The fingerpaints kept Van amused for a long time... he was then covered in blue paint...
Keenan inside the plastic ball

Off he goes!  He loved it and thought it was worth the wait.

The day these were all taken was a Saturday, I was glued to my cellphone and to the internet for any updates.  When we got word that we were getting on a plane the next morning and had to be there by 8, I went into slight panic mode.  Since Eric was busy, my friend and co-worker came and got us.  Our friends from Slovenia decided that if we had to leave then they were going to get out of the country ASAP as well.

We have decided that as a family we will NOT be returning to Tunisia.  I'm so sad but when we have to question our kids' safety both at home and school, well...   It took the Tunisian government 3 hours to respond to the school's calls of distress while they were getting ransacked.  3 Hours to respond, thankfully the kids were not there.  The middle east is just in too much turmoil to return with confidence.  I think most all of the families have the same thinking as us; we don't know any families at this point returning to post.

DC will probably be our next destination.  Not quite as exciting as a new country and a new culture but oddly we're excited at the possibility of normal everyday stuff like having access to Target and little league.  

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