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October 5, 2012

Keenan the cheerleader??

Our transition to Montana has been eerily easy for the most part.  The boys got over their jet lag almost immediately and they are both so happy to spend so much time with their cousins.  I asked Keenan if was ok with everything, ok with not returning to Tunis, ok with his new school...  He replied he missed his old school but, that he liked it here and when I asked him what he liked so much he said that he likes playing with his cousins all the time!  At this point Van seems to roll with whatever and I think to Keenan it is just so normal for him to hop on a plane and change things up every so often.  I am so thankful that he is so adaptable!

Conversation with Keenan:  Keenan; "Mom do you know how I get so many girlfriends?"
Me:  How?
Keenan:  Well, I see them and they just look so pretty... so I talk to them lots, I sit next to them during story time and I play with them at recess.
There you have it, he's 5 years old and already has the opposite sex figured out!

*Update:  I started writing this post last week or something crazy like that and just haven't gotten around to finishing it.  A few nights ago Keenan was reminiscing how in Tunisia him and his dad used to take bike rides together.  Keenan then got a worried look on his face and said "I hope Dad is not dead".  I was stunned, speechless... I told him dad was ok and asked him if he was worried about dad.  Keenan said he was worried about the bad guys coming back to the embassy and what if dad wasn't able to protect himself.  We made sure to call Eric first thing the next morning.  

When we first got here we didn't know if we'd be returning to Tunis right away and I wanted to keep the kids busy soooooo Keenan attended a one day cheer camp with his older cousin Carter.  When asked how it was he replied with a little smile that it was "kinda boring but there were a LOT of girls there!"  Last night we went to the highschool girls volleyball game to watch them cheer.  The group of Kindergartner's called themselves the "Black Ninja's"... yup that would be Keenan that thought of that name  :)  Unfortunately they were clear across the gym and I didn't have time to run over there to snap a closer picture.

Trying to keep Chase and Van entertained while we waited for the cheers.
 The "Black Ninjas"
 Older cousin Carter's group.

 Van was actually pretty busy during the whole game, he did just about everything but sit still on the bleachers.  He climbed up and down the stairs a billion times, occasionally stopping if someone had something that looked good to eat...

It felt weird being at the High school, the name is the same but it's weird...  The high school was burned down about 4 years ago by a few disgruntled teens, and now that's it's rebuilt it doesn't feel like MY high school, not the same halls that I walked or the same classrooms that I sat in, not the same gym that I spent hours sweating and playing sports...

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