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October 21, 2012

Keenan, Keenan, Keenan...

Last weekend I, along with my sister and our kids headed into Billings for Harvest Fest.  There were the usual booths of food and crafts along with face painting and free pumpkin decorating.  Also the kids could compete in a pumpkin seed spitting contest, well really they were each trying to spit the seeds into a bucket but everyone got a prize.  When it was Keenan's turn the announcer asked him "where he was from".  His reply?  "America!"  The announcer thought that was cute... she had no idea that he has truly spent his 5 years being a  global nomad and is is currently an evacuee...  :)  So, I think his response was perfect!

Here is his pumpkin.
 Keenan has been driving me crazy lately by always leaving his jackets and sweatshirts at school.  I fished one of his jackets out of the lost and found... after he'd been wearing a few layers of sweatshirts to make up for it.  Then we received a box in the mail from Eric with our winter stuff in it including a winter jacket.  What does he do the FIRST time he put it on?  He stood to close to the fireplace and melted holes into it!!  AAARRG!!  It may have been a hand-me-down coat but still... GAH!
 We made a trip into the fabric store and found a few patches and wah-la, new jacket!

A few weeks ago I signed Keenan up for Taekwondo classes here.  He LOVES it.  Here he is practicing his "Karate kid" moves.  Last week in class they did  "stranger danger", mainly working on their number 1 tool, their voices.  They were practicing yelling and saying something along the lines of "STOP, you're not my mom or dad, I don't know you!  HELP!!"  Each kid took a turn yelling this line and working on their body language.  One little girl in pigtails had troubles with this, all of the parents including the instructor had troubles NOT laughing.  In the tune of a song while hoping around she did her "stop, your not my mom...." all while bobbing her head around.  Maybe not effective in getting her point acrossed but ADORABLE!

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