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October 22, 2012

Our weekend

Yesterday we started off the day with the NILE parade.  The kids were all excited and had their candy buckets ready, they quickly gathered up a few handfuls of candy thrown our way and then it was over...  Maybe 5 minutes total if I'm being generous.  The parade consisted of people on horses and a few riding in buggies. The kids were disappointed but happy to at least have a few pieces of candy.

 Then in the afternoon the kids got out the bubbles.  Keenan was the bubble blower while Van and my niece Scarlet were the bubble chasers.

 Proof that they can sometimes play together...
 LOVE Van's face in this one.
 After Van went to bed last night Keenan worked on his Halloween gingerbread house.  He was very insistent that HE do it all by himself.  OK...  I tried not to watch or look because he had frosting and candy pieces EVERYWHERE!  Below, he was frustrated because the frosting was not being cooperative!

 And the finished product!
 I think he did a pretty good job.
 Van's reaction when he saw it this morning...  "oooooh, bon bon (candy)! EAT!" followed by lots of giggles and pointing.
 The last two nights I've been trying to get Van's stitches out while he sleeps, so much less traumatic then wrestling him down while someone tries to take the stitches out of a less than happy child.  Today I finally got the last one.  Thankfully most of the stitches were dissolvable since they were on lip.  Right now he has a think red line but mostly I'm happy with the results.  Kind of hard to see in the below picture, he was eating... maybe that's just wearing ranch dressing.

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