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October 7, 2012

Run like a girl 5K

Last weekend my sisters, my niece and I ran in the "Run like a girl 5K adventure run.  It was a 5K run with a few obstacles thrown in such as swinging on a rope, push-ups, bear crawl, box jumps... about 8 in all.  I was a little worried since I only picked running back up once I got to Montana.  I felt a bit out of shape but maybe so did a lot of other people because I ended up getting 7th overall and even won a prize for getting 1st in my age group, well first AFTER the top 3 overall competitors.

Christy got 2nd overall.

Since I don't have much with me Christy let me borrow a running skirt, knee high socks and a sparkle head band for fun!
After the race, waiting on Jami and Carter.
We wanted to get a picture of the four of us that ran... we got photo bombed by the rest of the kids.
Finally shooed all the boys away.
Pictures from the "Yellowstone Women's" facebook page.
No wonder Carter and Jami were a bit slow to come in... Jami had to haul Carter!
Awesome!  Proof that I really do run like a girl!

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