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October 5, 2012

Last family photo in Tunis :(

yes, I've been slow to post this...

Right before the boys and I boarded the bus with the rest of the embassy families and non-essential staff we took a picture.  We thought, "why not?"   At this point we really thought we'd be back together in a few weeks.  Looks like it'll be the last family photo of us in Tunisia, taken at the American Cemetery.

I don't think I got any sleep that night, I never do before flying.

Waiting to board the plane, it was nice that it was only embassy families since we were all in the same boat: stressed, tired, worried, ect ect... we let the kids run wild!
 Ethan, Keenan and Luca playing on their nintendo DS's.  I love that Luca had his mask on :)

Our thought of not being gone was reflected in my poor packing skills.  I did NOT pack for any cold or long term!  I had to buy Keenan some sweatshirts and a slightly thicker fleece jacket along with a snow hat for Keenan, all of which he keeps leaving at school!!  ARG!  This morning I felt a little bit like a redneck, since Keenan left his new jacket at school and it was cold this morning I dressed him in a long sleeve shirt followed by 2, yes 2 sweatshirts with his spring jacket on top.

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