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March 6, 2013


Proof that I can be a cool mom and carve some kick @$$ pumpkins.  Since Keenan loves angry birds, well...

 Darn it, I don't remember why he had mardi-gra  beads.  I just thought he looked cute in his little snow hat!
 Iron man and the hulk!  Thankfully Eric sent their halloween costumes in time.  When we were evacuated the costumes were in my office.
 Van could have used a slightly larger size as his costume was a bit snug.
 I have no idea why Keenan always puts stickers on his forehead.  Probably because it drives me nuts!  Just put in on your shirt or better yet a piece of paper!

Grampa with Cade and Keenan
Yup, I was completely boring!  I had on a black mask...with my mom and sister.
We made our rounds out on the ranch and ended up at my Aunt Linda's, she had a haunted house thing in place.  It was a little too scary for Van, plus he was super tired.  Below he did NOT want to get down, he wanted me to carry him.
 The halloween crew.

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