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March 5, 2013

Catching up big time! Back to October...

It's possible I've gotten lazy with my blog postings.  I blame it all on my dad's computer, you see it crapped out, must have been in October, and I haven't blogged since.  I hate the idea of just losing 4 months so I HAVE to back post.  Sorry.

I thought decorating a Halloween house would be fun for Keenan and I.  He had different plans.  He wanted to do it ALL by himself.  I tried hovering, err helping, that just led to him being frustrated.  So I took a deep breath and let him make a HUGE mess.  To his credit, he did a good job  :)

 A little frustration when the frosting was a little bit gooey.
 The finished product!  Check out all the frosting on the table... see I stayed away.

 Van thought the house was great too, he liked to pick off the little candy pieces.
 Awww, he still had his binky here.  I sort of miss the instant shut-upper.

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