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March 6, 2013

Sparring clinic

I think this was sometime in November.

In October I signed Keenan up for Taekwondo and well what do you know they had a sparring clinic almost immediately.  So for a small fee plus a huge bag of pads, a chest protector and head gear we were ready.

Quite a few people showed up both short and tall.  Keenan was among the youngest and shortest!

 Okay, so this was my first time getting all the gear on Keenan... perhaps his head gear is on backwards.  Thankfully another parent noticed  :)
 That's better.  Yes, he looks like a cute lil marshmellow!
 Kicking drills
 Finally, what we'd been waiting on all day.  Fighting errr sparring against another kid.
 Keenan making contact!
 And me and Van amusing ourselves with the camera
 Looking cute and innocent.
Overall it was a very long but fun day for Keenan.  He was absolutely exhausted when it was over.

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