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April 30, 2013

Catching up, October? November?

It's been bugging me that I STILL haven't caught my blog up to date and for some reason I can't stand the thought not putting in the pictures from the last few months.

I'm guessing this was in October?  Early November?  Van found a MardiGras necklace and wanted to wear it around.

 My Aunt Linda and Uncle Dick had a couple of batches of puppies.  The boys eagerly volunteered to snuggle with them.
 Van was so excited to hold them he could hardly contain himself.

 The pictures don't show it but Van is all squeals and giggles while holding the puppies.
 Family portrait by Keenan. PS he likes to draw food in peoples tummies  :)
 My family was working cows, Van was way more interested in looking under rocks hoping to find bugs.

 Playing with my new iphone!

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