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May 3, 2013


After a little over 3 months of being separated Eric was able to fly home for Christmas.  We didn't tell the boys exactly when he was coming because of all the unrest in the area.  We frankly just didn't know if he'd be able to fly out.  He flew in late and surprised the boys in the morning.  Neither one of them wanted to leave his side for days.  I was all the sudden chopped liver.  They wanted to walk near him, eat next to him, let him put them in their carseats... you name it.  I personally relished in the small break.  I let Eric put the kids to bed almost everynight :)

Christmas morning!

 Everett getting ready to dig into his presents.
 Van opened one present then just wanted to play with that, he was done immediately.
 Playing a new DS game
 Some of the aftermath.
 Playing on Keenan's paper guitar

 Van LOVED this little Santa, when it opened it played music and had a little train scene that moved.
 Keenan sledding with his Dad
 I think it must have been nap time since Van insisted on having his blankie outside with him.

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