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May 3, 2013


The boys and I house/doggy sat for some friends.  The boys LOVED the dog, Chevy.  Keenan's favorite part of house sitting?  They had a wii!
 Van playing at Aunt Nancy's

 Keenan and Everett playing at Aunt Nancy's also

 Trying to make all three boys look and smile...

 Van and I coming down the slide at Kidz Klubhouse.  Van loved the slide but only if I went with him.  I don't blame him the slide is crazy fast and if you're not careful you catch air and hit your tailbone!
 Keenan's Kindergarten play was called "A bugs Christmas"  Keenan was a rock band beetle!

 Making popcorn!

Decorating gingerbread men with cousins and Grandma

 Comfy on the counter playing on the Ipad
 Van loves crawling on the chair with my mom usually because she'll let him play on her ipad...

And reverse!  Sorry mom, I couldn't resist posting this one :)
Van FINALLY getting into the "smile" for the camera or I have to ask him to "show me your teeth!"
Van's attempt at taking a picture

LOVE, love my little boy
I found the below scene somewhat hilarious.   The kids had hooked up the sled to a tractor...

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