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May 6, 2013

First Taekwondo tournament

Eric finally got out of Tunisia for good!  He flew into Billings late on a Friday night only to get to get up early and drive to Powell with us for Keenan's first ever taekwondo tournament.  Because I'm a time freak we left the house aroun 6 or 6:30 to make the almost 2 hour drive.  Wouldn't want to be late for registration, right?  We made it on time only to find out an hour or so later that Keenan wouldn't even begin the sparring until around 1pm.  UGH!  Eric wanted to go do something, he didn't realize we were in Powell, WY... it's a small town.  We ended up at McDonald's

Keenan an Ian

 Waiting... While we waited they played games on the phone and the ipad.  Van walked up and down the bleacher stairs (dragging me with him) about a million times.  It apparently wore him out because approximately 1 minute before Keenan started sparring he fell asleep in my arms.  I was lucky enough that I got to snuggle with all nearly 40 pounds of him the entire time standing next to the sparring mats.  By the time Keenan's bracket was over my arms were in complete muscle failure.
 Grand march
 Finally, it's go time!  Getting his gear on
 I think they look adorable!
During the tournament I was standing with the other moms, we had to giggle as we were all yelling at our kids to kick each others kids...
 Break time, checking the score board out.

 2nd place!  They boys were all super excited about their gigantic trophies.  Keenan is in taekwondo with the  boys in first and third place as well.
 So proud!  Both of us :)
 He was exhausted after all of this!  He fell asleep almost immediately on the ride home, holding his trophy.

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