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May 6, 2013

Run to the Pub 1/2

My sister Christy and I had been planning on this half marathon in Bozeman, MT for months.  Our training was coming along really well until about December when we were both plagued with hip/back issues so we took some time off.  For me it felt like everytime my runs were getting higher in mileage my hip/back issues would come back.  Super frustrating!  I hardly got any runs in the last 3 weeks before the race but wanted to give it a shot just the same.  Since Eric was in town and wanted to come, Christy invited her husband along too.

  We were just beginning to think that getting on the first bus out to the starting line was a mistake because we were so cold.  Can you tell that it's also a St. Paddy's run?

 Until we saw how long the potty line got immediately!  We were glad we were on the first bus and already peed!
 Turned out to be a gorgeous day for a run.
 Almost there...
 few more steps to the finish line!  My stomach had been getting a little crampy about half way through the run, there were a few times when I thought I was going to have to find some bushes but yay, I made it through the finish line and went straight to the porta potties.
 Standing in line to get beer we saw this cute lil pig!
 Our finish medals yup, bottle openers and enjoying a post race beer.  My time was 1 hour 52'ish.  I was pretty happy with this time, not my best but not my worst!  Not bad.

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