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August 8, 2013

Back in May...

I just haven't sat down and devoted any time for my blogging and for some reason I can't skip over months making the job to get caught up bigger...

So back in May Keenan and Cade signed up Grampa to host the kindergarten field trip out to the ranch.  There was a whole bus load of 'em (two classes).  They swarmed and climbed on everything they saw, the 4-wheeler, the fence, the tractors...

 Mrs. Jones getting them all lined up.
 My dad showing a little girl how to rope

 Keenan waiting in line
 Keenan and his little girlfriend.  :)
 Climbing in tractors
 Petting a sick calf
 Keenan roping
 Looking for some type of critter under the tack shed
 Van and I got a horse back ride too
The kindergartners were adorable, so glad I was able to be there and help out!

One night as i was getting the boys ready for bed, I ran downstairs for a few minutes to get something.  Upon returning upstairs I could smell fingernail polish...  Van was really proud of himself.  (I was later)  Why was I so unhappy about Van's artistic skills?  This is what I found on the bathroom wall.  I call it the "Grumpy Ballerina"   My Dad thought I should hang an empty frame around it, however, I was pretty certain my mother would NOT go for that.  I painted over it.
Van and Scarlett blowing bubbles.

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