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August 8, 2013

The rest of May

Being in Montana in May meant we got to partake in branding.  Carter and Keenan were into the cookies below

 The kids were hiding behind sagebrush then popping up to scare the freshly branded calves away so they wouldn't run back into the corral.  It was cute.  After they got bored of that they started looking for cutworms, which were particularly bad this spring.  One kid would kick over a cowpie while then the rest would start stomping on the carefully hidden cutworms...

 You can't really see it as well in the picture but Van was covered in dirt and snot.
 Front row seat on the truck
 Love.   :)   Cousins.  I'm so happy my boys got the unexpected 9 months in Montana with their cousins and Montana family.

 After the calves were branded and the food was eaten the kids all headed down to the creek to cool off
 and show us their huge muscles...

 Van loved this spot, didn't want to leave

 Van got a hold of my camera, I'm almost all in the picture
 Van playing in front of my old elementary school while we waited for Keenan.
 Van really likes his Aunty aunty Jami.
 Last day of Kindergarten!!
 I threw a small party for Keenan on the last day of school.  Mostly his cousins showed up but also a few friends from his class.  They were playing football and couldn't be bothered with shirts.  Naturally they flexed immediately for the camera

 We Montana the very next day :(  While I was very excited to rejoin Eric, be a family again and start the next chapter, I was very sad to leave Montana.  Being able to spend nearly nine months with my family and watch my boys get to know my side of the family was priceless.  This summer has been hard on the boys not having a steady stream of cousins to play with.  :(  

We spent a few days in Colorado to see friends and to hang out with some of Eric's family.  Uncle Mark and Van
 Not sure why he was so sad below.

 Colorado cousin Chase and Van "sharing" the buggy.
 We had a BBQ with friends complete with a water gun/balloon fight and bubbles.

 Ugh, I'm terrible.  I didn't get hardly any pictures when we were in Colorado.  Mia didn't get in any.  Below is Maci and Keenan.

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Laura Olson said...

Oh my goodness, so many great pics! I'm glad you are back to blogging. It's fun to hear about what you've all been up to these past months. :)