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October 12, 2013

Few randoms to finish out the summer

A little girl from Van's preschool invited him to her birthday party at a kids gym.  It took him a while to warm up to the idea but once he did...

 The kids thought this was the best.  They got to lay on it while it was being inflated! Then bounce on it!
 The party was complete with lots of laughter, screaming, crying then some cake.  Typical birthday party :)
 The Washington Redskins NFL team's practice field is just a few miles from us.  While Keenan was bummed that they weren't the Packers he decided he wanted to go an event there to meet the players and see their cars plus a car show on the side.  Unfortunately the lines to get autographs was crazy long and there wasn't so much as a line as a mob of aggressive people so we skipped that and went to the cheerleaders.  Keenan did get to give one of the rookie football players a high five and thought that was pretty cool...

A few weeks before this, the boys and I were checking out at Target when I noticed a large gathering of big guys at the front .  That's weird I thought.  Come to find out it was "Redskins day at Target"  the players each pick a few less fortunate kids and take them to Target to buy all their school supplies for them!  Keenan was in awe as we walked past.  "I wish there were a few Packers in there though..."

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