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October 13, 2013

First day of school!

School didn't start here until AFTER labor day, that seems so late to me.  Keenan was pretty excited to meet new friends and get started with the year.  We drove him.

 Keenan walking towards his new (gah... 3rd school in 2 years) school.  His backpack looks HUGE!
 Go Coyotes!

 His desk.  While we were taking pictures and talking to his teacher Van sat down at someone's desk and started drawing on their paper for them...  oops!

 Afterwards Van was a bit bummed to leave Keenan behind at school.
He cheered right up when I bribed him with candy or something  :)
Can't tell yet if we are lucky that the bus stop is really close to us or extremely unlucky.  Good thing is we can watch Keenan from our front door get on the bus.  His bus completely fills up at one stop- ours.  We live in a townhouse community with a few big apartments buildings across the way.  Bad part- in the mornings and afternoons our street is jammed with parents parked all over the place.  There will be perfectly legal parking spots nearby but they will choose to park facing the wrong direction in front of peoples driveways (ours included), in front of the stop signs- basically everywhere!  We've watched a few almost wrecks.  It's frustrating!  Just walk people or park legally!

Last year Keenan got on the bus at 7am and wouldn't get home until 4:40pm!  This year his bus ride is much shorter.  On the bus at 7:20 and off at 3!

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