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October 12, 2013

Keenan's Birthday (back in July)

Keenan requested cake pops for his birthday this year.  I'm not sure how i managed not to get a picture of that disaster as those things are NOT easy to decorate!  The boys didn't mind, they still ate them up.

As part of Keenan's birthday present we took him and Van to Kings Dominion Amusement park.  The boys were super excited.  Me, not so much.  I get sick on carousels- anything that makes a circle... ugh just thinking about it makes me a bit queasy.  Maybe we should have done our homework.  We didn't take into account all the beach traffic headed that way and it took us waaaay longer to drive than anticipated.  Then when we did finally arrive and see the height chart verses rides they could go on we were a bit disappointed.  The last time we were at Disneyland Keenan was able to ride almost everything, here he could ride almost NOTHING!  We were stuck in Snoopy land.  The lines were long and slow for a 30 second ride that wasn't very exciting for either of them.

Photo opp!

 We did manage to find a few rides that the boys were able to ride and like.  Van was in love with the swings however.  I sucked it up and rode with him several times.

 We did find ice cream!

 and a small roller coaster

 Van was so excited to go to "driving school"  but wouldn't drive when he finally got his turn.  He just sat there and pouted then screamed bloody murder when his turn was over.  One of the workers was trying to coax him into driving.

  So we decided to head over to the water slide park.  Once again, FAIL!  The slides also had height restrictions that excluded the boys so we started to enjoy ourselves in the kiddie pool, that is until they made everyone get out without explanation.  We figured some kid must have pooped but nothing ever happened.  A few workers came to look at the pool, stood around and talked, then about an hour later let us go back in.  ??  Weird.

 Can't believe he's 6!!

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