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August 25, 2013

Next Chapter: Virginia

At the very very end of May or maybe it was the first of June but either way we FINALLY arrived in Virginia.  I think we were all happy to be together again!  Eric had put some boxes away but we spent most of the first few weeks unpacking boxes.  Stuff we hadn't seen since September.  As usual the people that packed up our stuff packed EVERYTHING, garbage included.  Thanks.

We went to a little festival/fair in Herndon (close to us)  It was hot, we paid a lot of money for cold drinks, sno-cones, icecream... Van wasn't too sure about the the rides at first but then he loved the swings.

Wasn't too sure about going on the little roller coaster by himself though.  I felt bad, he looked so sad!
Serve yourself ice-cream and pour on the toppings you can stand (the weigh it and pay) places are everywhere here.  We've been touring them like nobody's business!

For nearly nine months while we were in Montana at my parent's house, the boys shared a room... and it's possible that for a time Van slept in my room.  So, when we moved here and he got his own room Van wan't so sure about it.  We would put the boys to bed and often, either in the morning or later when we went to bed, would find Van asleep in the hallway.

Van showing me the playground. Ashburn has some really awesome parks with lots of nice playground equipment!  After we arrived here I had three weeks before I started work.  I tried to take advantage of it by unpacking and getting the house all set up but, we had to have some fun too!

Our neighborhood pool has become one of our favorite spots!  The first time we went Van didn't even want to get his feet wet now all he wants to do it jump in the deep end!
We found a sitter and ventured into DC to meet up with a couple that we met in Ukraine for a beer fest!
This water area was right next to the fest.  I thought it neat.  Just on the other side is the river.
I started work the toward the end of June.  What an adjustment, for so many reasons!  I quit my job in the burn ICU way back in July of 2007 when Keenan was born and we moved for Eric's job, so to say that my brain is a little rusty is an understatement!  Plus I haven't worked full time or nights since then as well.  We've all had to learn to be flexible!  On the days that I work Van goes to daycare and Keenan goes to Taekwondo camp, which Eric has to get them to and from.  My first 6 weeks was on night shift, I'm pretty sure I walked around like a zombie.  I do NOT sleep well during the daytime.

The trauma ICU is busy and we see a lot of crazy stuff!  I like the fast pace and the challenge but returning to the ICU after 6 years has been way harder than I imagined.  There's so much stuff that I've just forgotten and its frustrating!  Now that I'm a mom the deaths of the younger patients hits me a lot harder.

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Laura Olson said...

Congrats on getting back to work. The night shifts sound terrible, but it's great that you are using your nursing skills again! Love that you are all moved in in VA and that you have great parks and pools nearby.