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February 18, 2014

Waaaaay back in October 2013

I can't stand the thought of skipping months at a time, the longer I go without blogging the bigger the tasks gets to update it :(   It makes me so sad how severely I've neglected this thing in the past year and a half- well, ever since we left Tunisia.  This first picture is from Keenan's flag football, each week a player was awarded the "weekly sportsmanship award" - basically you got to take home a big sign to put in your yard or window.  He was quite proud!
 One thing this area has is an abundance of things to do!  We went out to "A maze in the Plains"  for a corn maze adventure and ended up getting a lot more than we thought we would- in a good way!  Not only did they have a corn maze but they had pumpkins, pumpkin slingshots, slides, games- basically a whole lot to wear your kids out with.  Plus they had a grill open, birthday party area, animals to looks at...

 Van looking down the slide.

 A mini maze.
 The boys LOVED this slide!! Van spent most of his time here. 
 Yay, the whole family!
 At the start of the maze they told us to NOT think logically and that kids usually make it out more quickly than the adults.  Sooooo, we let Keenan lead the way- even when everything inside ourselves told us we were going the WRONG way.  True to the advice, Keenan led us out first in our group!
 Every so often there was a map/punch station so you knew if you were on the right track.

We did it!

 Afterwards we enjoyed a meal and the boys played in a corn filled tractor tire!  We ran into a doctor that I work with and his family which was nice especially since we don't know too many people in the area!
 Our pumpkin art!

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